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In our busy lives we often fall into routines and behaviors that may have had benefit at one time, but done in excess and at the expense of taking time for ourselves for self care can lead to unhappiness, mental and physical stress, emotional distress, chronic physical pain, and a general sense of blah. We become amazing at working too many hours, taking care of loved ones, spending time on social media, eating quick, unhealthy processed foods, taxiing our children to their activities, watching TV, overspending, overusing tobacco, alcohol, or medications...the list goes on and on.

We all need help from time to time finding our healthy center, relearning the behaviors that are good for us, and reconnecting in a real way with ourselves and our friends and family. Finding just the right balance in our lives to maintain or improve our mental, emotional and physical health is key! Whether you need to find your center with breath, meditation and yoga, regular exercise, better nutrition, or other health behavior changes...Life In Balance Fitness and Wellness can help. Join us for Yoga Classes, or contact me for more information on Personal Training, Nutrition Education, Corporate Wellness, or Sports Conditioning.

YOU ARE WORTH investing your time into developing a Healthier, Happier, more Balanced You! NOW is the right time.