"For everyone well being is a journey...the secret is committing to that journey
and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself." -Deepak Chopra

Personal training

Most of us know exercise and nutrition are the key to living a healthier, happier, longer life. More than likely you've considered starting an exercise program but haven't because you're not sure where to start, can't seem to find the motivation, or are fearful of how difficult it's going to be. Or perhaps you started exercising and hit a plateau, couldn't meet your goals and got frustrated, or got an injury and aren't sure how to get back into it. Whatever your excuse I can honestly say that TODAY is the best day to get started! With personal training I can help you set REALISTIC GOALS, learn how to complete a well-balanced exercise program designed with YOUR NEEDS in mind, and stay MOTIVATED for the long haul!

benefits of a regular exercise program

  • improve posture
  • increase strength
  • increase flexibility
  • improve balance
  • increase bone density
  • live longer
  • improve mood
  • reduce stress
  • boost energy
  • increase self confidence
  • sleep better
  • decrease risk of heart disease

Pricing for personal training

   $45/hour session (2 people $35 each)
$35/45minute session
Purchase 15 sessions - $5 off each session
Small group training also available. Please inquire.

Email me for appointment and consultation