Breathe, flow, strengthen, accept, let go, and find gratitude.

Yoga is truly a mind-body discipline...we use the breath to quiet and calm the mind, the focused mind to tune into our bodies, and then move our bodies into asanas (postures) that strengthen and release our muscles and joints. You will finish each practice feeling centered and balanced in mind and body.

Yoga as a physical discipline increases muscular strength and endurance, increases flexibility of your joints, develops your balance and improves posture...all critical aspects of living a healthy life free of chronic pain. Yoga has also been shown to decrease blood pressure and heart rate, decrease pain, and increase immune function...all important components of health and well being.

Yoga as a moving meditation practice will help build self awareness through conscious movement and a focus in the present moment. A regular meditation practice through yoga (or otherwise) helps you learn to control the focus of your mind rather than dealing with the constant chatter that most of us face throughout our day. This practice of mindfulness will then begin to penetrate other aspects of your life such as your relationships with family, friends, loved ones and coworkers, your relationship with food, and your relationship with your body and health. Awareness of your inner voice is the first step to healthful change.

Some techniques we use to enhance your meditation/relaxation skills include:

  • Deep belly breathing

  • Guided imagery

  • Body scan

  • Positive affirmations

  • Mindful awareness of your senses

Yoga helps you develop the skills to stay focused, calm, and in the present moment even when things get tough...on or off the mat. Our style of teaching meets you where you are, helps you feel successful, and helps you develop your ability to accept yourself and your body for everything they have to offer. We emphasize the importance of listening to your body and progressing at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Find your inner peace in one of our classes or with private sessions.

To decide which class is right for you, see class descriptions.